Chavit Singson – Che Tiongson – Richard Catral and the Primal fight of Selfish Genes

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The latest celebrity scandal on the news these days is Philippine Security Adviser Chavit Singson 68 (many wives, many children) with one of his common law wives Che Tiongson 37 (bore 5 alleged children with Chavit) and her new boyfriend Richard Catral 38 (married with 2 kids). Since this is a ProNatal website we dissect and analyze according to primal human reproductive instincts.


Chavit is a well known rich and powerful patriarch, a pronatal patriarch with alleged several wives and many children. He is rumored to have a new wife every few years and move on and on. Chavit loves children and wants children. Chavit wants custody of his 5 children with Che, patriarchs are interested more in children than just sex. Sex is merely a tool to make children. Chavit was noted in saying in a private family party to his descendants to make and make babies… because we have lots of money. Isn’t that so nice?

If you are any intelligent male with any sanity left in you, you do not go out of your way provoking Chavit’s anger by attempting to inseminate any female in his alleged harem. As in primal human nature, the big bull will protect his genetic interests and will do whatever it takes to ward off foolish males from trying to reproduce with any of his alleged harem. Any patriarch invests and spends on his harem for his exclusive insemination to propagate his own genes.

Chavit stood up to the President of the Philippines Erap Estrada (on a different issue) and won that battle… do you think any lesser man like this foolish Richard Catral can stand a chance?

My analysis of Richard Catral is that he saw a beautiful woman and with his own good looks saw an opportunity to reproduce by attempting to inseminate Che. This is it, a sperm wars classic. Previous to the alleged beating of Che, she was inseminated by Chavit just the same. The sperm battle is on. Who will win out? Only a DNA test in the future will reveal the sperm wars winner.

The wild card is, is Che on birth control? Birth control technologies muddle the whole primal instincts scenario.

What is happening is a very easy, very classic case of genetic interests. Maybe Che merely needed a rest from birthing. When she got her rest from birthing… she is ready to be impregnated again, thus accepting new inseminators.

All those muddling the issue of primal human genetic interests is due to civilization, technology, political ideologies and twisted inhuman laws.

I would like to see a surprise pause to all this much publicized scandal with the announcement of a pregnancy. Then I want a Maury Show type genetic dna paternity test drama to show WHO IS THE FATHER.

The Human Primal instinct for genetic propagation is alive and well. Everyone wants to reproduce. Lots of inseminating happening… Look at this issue and just laugh at the rest of the side issues like human twisted written laws.

I think Richard Catral is the true victim here. My guess is Che did not tell him she belonged to the harem of Chavit Singson. Any guy in his right mind would stay away from Chavit’s women.

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Jane September 7, 2009 at 5:19 am

That man Richard Catral will never be a victim. He is married and has children and repeatedly cheated on his wife. He knew that the woman he was with was related to Chavit Singson in some way. He just did not know any better. I think a quick background investigation could easily help in finding out who the victim is. Because obviously, none was done before declaring Richard Catral a victim in this article.

Rudolf Valentino September 8, 2009 at 6:45 am

A point of view my friend but hot the only one. Yours is only one point of view. A narrow point of view since it is a prenatal website. I will give you an argument which is far better than what you can come up with.

The Philippines is a country of laws. As such, the law is above everything else, even above the human reproductive gene pool argument. The rich and powerful is not exempt from the law. Chavit can fool some of the poor women in Philippine society as he did Miss Tiongson who came from the province. Miss Tiongson has wised up in the 19 years since she first met Chavit. It is only fitting that she find what is good for what is left of her young unmarried life.

Chavit should be tried in court for his crimes. Chavit should pay for damages both physically and mentally to Miss Tiongson and Mr. Cantral. He should also resign from his position since he is not fit for the job. This is again a country of laws. If it is not a country of laws then he will be without fault by the courts of law and his NBI clearance remain clean. All evidence prove otherwise though. The Philippines as a country again hangs in the balance. The balance of justice that is. We will see if the Philippines is a country of laws or it is still run by marcos like dictators where human life is of no value.

Then Ninoy died in vain because there is no change. We will know why there is still a huge public outcry for freedom in this tiny third world nation run by short people even when Mrs. Aquino died and was laid to rest not too long ago. Then the fight for freedom continues for all of you, tiny people.

imee_vos September 9, 2009 at 6:21 am

interesting! very…. :o)

been there September 18, 2009 at 10:21 am

The REAL VICTIMS? – their (Che’s and Richard’s) respective families and KIDS.

Cheryl October 6, 2009 at 3:16 am

Chavit sure looks ugly and old. No wonder his mistress decided to look for love somewhre else. This is how nature is. Catral has better genes for reproduction. Catral and Tiongson will find a way to have sex somehow. They have to have each other one way or another.

Donna October 14, 2009 at 7:50 am

I would choose the younger man to fuck with. The other man is ugly and old. I think he is gross myself.

sett June 17, 2010 at 11:30 am

i know richard way back 10 years ago. he’s a freak, a maniac and a lie… a BIG LIE!

baby April 26, 2011 at 2:20 pm

i know richard….USER….i was really hurt !!!!i loved him…he lied to me. he said,im his only girl…i believe, i stopped….because dat kind of guy is nt worth it….to all pretty young women..beware of this guy named RICHARD CATRAL……and wait his using a new name REYNALDO RAMOS……Careful………………

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